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I went to South Africa in recent years with the beautiful Sara, only to discover what is an exhibitionist. N early took a train trip from Johannesburg to Mozambique, and because it is an evening stroll, we had our own sleeping compartment. The two become very hot when we are not at home, and this trip was no exception - I could not wait for the train station before I closed the door and put my hand under her skirt to rub her little wet pussy through her panties while enjoying long kisses and a glass of wine. We were traveling through the suburbs of the first hour of the trip, and stop the train stopped at the filling stations and well lit. In the first coupe of stops quickly took my hand, and Sarah directed her skirt for anyone to see what goes out the window. But at the third stop if spicytranny I wanted to take my hand he put his hand down to keep in between the legs to open as the train slowedStalemate. She opened her mouth and touched my dripping hole, and washed a stream of hot pussy juice fingers. She was at the window and saw, spicytranny and when I was about to follow his gaze is a man there, his face pressed to spicytranny the glass, eyes fixed on her, shuddering as he approached. But still spicytranny she took my hand where I was, with his fingers deep into her hot pussy, recruitment, with eyes firmly spicytranny fixed on the foreigners all the time until the train started moving again. S how hot, and now my cock was for relief, so I opened spicytranny his pants and left her, while Sarah was kneeling on the long bench, with his face toward the window and beautiful ass in the air waiting for me. I was behind her and slowly slid my hard cock all the way and held it there while we moved the gentle rocking of the train. Sarah took her hand under him and began to finger her clit while fucked. Began, to our surprise, the train slowly down andBefore we knew it we arrived at another station. Whatever the reason, fingers under her skirt in public, I was sure it would be fucking puppy to the sight of strangers too much for Sarah, so it came to pull the curtain down. 'Quit ' he said. ' I want to be seen. ' Never one to disappoint a lady, I did what I said and put my cock in and out of her wet pussy moan to hear more and more intense as the train slowed down next to crowded platform. This time, when he realized the first man on the platform of what was going on and pressed his face against the glass, which was literally inches from her. I saw it suck the breath and lick your lips. Sarah heard a cry a cry modular lungs. I felt his embrace pussy and drown my cock in her pussy juice as she came again. I could't help... I shot load after load of her hot pussy as she knelt on the seat of the eyes of a stranger.
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